Where is the first place you go for expert advice or an answer to a burning question? My guess is Google (or your preferred search engine). You’re not alone — Google alone answers over four billion search queries everyday.

    When you enter a question into the search bar, those links that appear in your search results are content. Whether you know it or not, you consume content on a daily basis.

    Content generation is a system, not a goal, meaning that there is a strategy in content production so this strategy Create content production system.

     Content Generation in English

    Content production for sites or blogs, and especially social networks in languages ​​other than Farsi, including English, should only be performed by professional and professional translators.

    We at the English translation team are able to translate your written content from any language into English and vice versa. If you are familiar with the concepts of SEO (Search Engine Optimization for Google or other search engines) you will know how to produce content in foreign languages ​​in Increasing your site’s traffic and popularity will have a direct impact.


    Content production
    Content production
    Generate social network content

    Nowadays, social media is also the key to content creation strategy. Many people start producing content in Social network and news instead of creating an internet site. Instagram is a new skill that requires special skill in generating news.

    Advertising, uploading content, audio podcasts will all be a type of skill and skill in producing content on social networks.

    the source :تولید محتوا